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Gender Issues

Role of Women

FAO is making every effort to take into consideration the different roles and activities undertaken by men and women in all the aspects of the meat chain. This approach is reflected in many field projects where women are the main stakeholders and where women's groups are involved in enhanced capacity building, have increased decision making power, as well as self-confidence and actively participate in local institution building.


A good example of gender balanced projects is a rural development and training programme which was designed by FAO to train women’s groups in Uganda, in small-scale value-added meat processing, to establish several village level meat processing pilot plants and educate the new entrepreneurs on marketing strategies.


Overall, the income status of the households in project villages have increased, which has benefit for all, old and young, through increased food security, levels of nutrition and increased wealth. The project continues to be a success and is now incorporating a larger network of villages. It is hoped that the lessons learned so well in Gambia could, in time, be applied elsewhere in Africa.