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Since 2011, FAO has been supporting the Government of Indonesia to rapidly control the deadly rabies virus on island of Bali through an innovative strategy centered on comprehensive mass dog vaccination.

Bali Serves as a Model for Control of Rabies

FAO established a technical assistance project with the Government of Indonesia with the aim of supporting national efforts to control the disease on Bali. The model developed in Bali is now being modified as appropriate and used in other affected parts of Indonesia to progressively control and eliminate the virus from the entire country.  [...]


Codex Committee on Contaminants in Food addresses feed safety


cowsIn a successful side event during the 8th Session of the Committee, FAO, Codex, JECFA, the Dutch government, the feed and food industries together raised awareness on the importance of ensuring feed safety in the food production chain. […]


  • cover brochureImportance of accurate feed analysis in enhancing safety and quality of food, increasing productivity and welfare of the animal and conserving the environment [...]
  • © Lucie CollineauFAO participates in Engaging International Organizations Study Tour [...]
  • ©FAO/Carolyn BenignoFAO Mission to assist with response to outbreak of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Democratic People's Republic of Korea [...]


  • Invitation to contribute to the FAO Database of Best Practices in Sustainable Grassland Management. We are particularly interested in management practices that improve the livelihoods of livestock farmers and those that take a holistic or integrated approach to enhance the multiple functions of grasslands [...]
  • A Joint FAO-TAMU On-line Course on Laboratory Quality Control Systems (June 2 to August 11, 2014) FAO invites applications for participation. Deadline for submission: 6 May 2014 [...]
  • Call for Case Studies: Low Input Livestock Landscapes
    The goal is to find practical existing examples from the field and producer organization of low-input and sustainable livestock systems. [...]