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The EUFMD and FAO work in partnership to launch a new web platform

This new digital resource is a useful guide to communicating the Commission’s activities and work programme

08 February 2019 - The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD) has just launched its newly revamped website. A modern visual structure and enriched content will help to create a new awareness towards the Commission’s coordinated global action toward FMD control.

The content of the website addresses the Commission structure, mandate, global situation, information on training, online networks and e-Learning, tools, and details on upcoming meetings and events.  The webpages are a result of fulfilling strategic communication objectives within the ‘Three Pillar’ strategy of the Commission’s work programme. The EuFMD mandate includes components made up of practical actions to improve readiness in member countries, reduce risk in neighbourhood states, and promote global strategy for the progressive control of FMD.

A core element of the EuFMD is to provide a training programme that is designed to provide livestock owners, veterinary services, and governments in free and non-free countries with the best practice and resources needed for progressive control of the disease. Training courses can take place in the field, in a classroom, or online, equipping stakeholders with knowledge on a number of topics such as emergency preparedness, biosecurity, surveillance, vaccination, socio-economics, containment and regional strategy. All courses are detailed in the website dedicated section and in the updated ‘Training Program’ (2018).

With the website, the commission continues an effort to develop its online and face-to-face communication strategy. It promotes a dialogue with Animal health experts, institutions, farmers, and partners whom are invited to share their perspective on the new webpages. The platform will be updated regularly with developments to the EuFMD work programme and information on upcoming events.


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Last updated: 31 July 2018