Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Poultry in the 21st Century, An International Conference, Bangkok 5-7 November 2007
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The Conference


The objective of the conference was to review the global poultry sector in its entirety, to assess past development, the current situation and development 'hot spots', and to explore scenarios for its future. The emphasis focused on the expected social, environmental and health implications of change and, in doing so, policy measures to address the consequences of change were identified. It also aimed to dispel many of the myths and misunderstandings commonly associated with poultry production today.

The factors that have driven the development of the poultry sector were identified and described along with regional differences and the trade in poultry products and feed. Advances in breeding, feeding, management and processing were described along with their social, environmental and health impact. The risks of HPAI and other poultry zoonoses were analysed along with its impact on production systems and consumption. Policy and technology options that address the social, environmental and health consequences of change were identified and their implications assessed.

Photo: Lenny Hogerwerf