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  • Irene Hoffmann
    Chief, Animal Genetic Resources Branch
    FAO HQ, Room C-592
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Private standards in the livestock sector


In view of the various private voluntary standards related to livestock production, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is undertaking a study on private voluntary standards, codes of conduct, and guidelines in the livestock sector. Already in 2010, FAO undertook a exploratory global survey and prepared a “Draft report on a global survey on private standards, codes of conduct and guidelines in the livestock sector “. As a response to a request received by the 22nd session of COAG, the survey was refined in 2011, in collaboration with the Iowa State University, and re-issued. So far, more than 300 valid responses from all parts of the world have been received, and stakeholders are invited to respond.

The survey aims to cover the wide range of private voluntary standards, guidelines, codes etc, that address any step in the livestock production value chain, ranging from animal health and welfare to Denomination of Protected Origin, Geographic Indication, other labels for products of specific breeds, specific production/feeding systems, environmental services, fair trade, organic etc. Lines are not strict, as some private voluntary standards are endorsed by public institutions, for example some of the DPO and Geographic Indications, and also “organic” in some countries.

The survey covers the whole standard-chain from those who develop the standard to those who apply it and those who certify adherence to it. Each of these stakeholders may have a different point of view on the same standard; therefore they are all invited to reply.
Therefore, if your organization is a primary creator, enforcer, certifier, regulator, or follower of private voluntary standards in the livestock sector, we kindly request that you please take a survey which will only take 15-20 minutes to complete and can be found at the following link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/95QWDJV
In case you have multiple roles in the standard value chain, e.g. as a creator of one standard and a follower of another, we invite you to take the survey multiple times.
We also kindly request that you please forward this survey to any other members of the livestock value chain that create, enforce, certify, regulate, or follow private voluntary standards.
Your help is greatly appreciated as the results of this survey will help to better understand the structure and impact of private voluntary standards in the livestock sector and to help the FAO enhance stakeholder inclusion in the livestock sector value chain. FAO treats surveys confidentially and only publishes aggregate results.