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RISKSUR (Risk based animal health surveillance systems) “kick-off” meeting

30 November 2012 - The RISKSUR project is a consortium of 12 partner institutions, including FAO. The project is funded by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Union for the funding of research and technological development in Europe. The project aims to develop decision support tools for the design of cost-effective, risk-based surveillance systems that integrate the most recent advances in epidemiological methodologies and which are based on an interdisciplinary approach and tailored to the needs of individual EU Members States. This will be achieved by the development of a framework and methodologies to evaluate cost-effectiveness of animal health surveillance system designs for the three objectives of surveillance for livestock diseases:

  1. Early detection of exotic, new (emerging) and re-emerging diseases
  2. Demonstration of freedom from diseases and infections
  3. Determination of disease frequency and detection of cases of endemic animal diseases

The methodologies will be applied to diseases representing key risk scenarios within EU member countries as well as selected countries outside of EU with particularly challenging system constraints, such as inadequate veterinary infrastructure.

The overall duration of the project is 36 months, the total budget is € 3.8 million and the project work-plan is divided into eight work packages (WP). The first work package (WP1) will include the development of a conceptual generic framework for the design of risk-based and cost-effective surveillance systems, including novel scientific methods. The latter will be developed for each of the three surveillance objectives in WPs 2-4. In WP5 the results of these WPs will be evaluated for single and multi-objective surveillance systems specifically in relation to their efficiency. The transfer of knowledge and technology to key stakeholders from policy and industry is facilitated through the development of tools to assist the implementation of the systems under WP6 as well as communication and training in WP7. WP8 covers the overall project coordination and management.

The RISKSUR “kick-off” meeting was organized jointly by the Royal Veterinary College and accelopment AG (ACCEL). The meeting was held on the RVC Hawkshead Campus on 1st and 2nd November 2012 and representatives of the 12 partners institutions attended this meeting.

FAO EMPRES-Animal Health will contribute to work packages 5, 6 and 7.



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