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Accompanying events

Global National Coordinators’ Workshop for the Management of Animal Genetic Resources
4-5 July, Rome Italy
Preparation of the first State of the World’s Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture presentation file
FAO’s Major Area of Work on Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity presentation file

Building a common vision for sustainable food and agriculture – in the context of FAO’s strategic framework

presentation file

FAO and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

presentation file
The global indicator framework: Monitoring of progress for follow- up and review presentation file
DAD-IS project overview and future perspectives presentation file
Introduction to the new DAD-IS architecture presentation file
Presentation of the new DAD-IS mockups presentation file

Side event, 8 July, Rome Italy
Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources in Latin America and the Caribbean and Present Status of the Regional Focal Point presentation file
Asian Food and Agriculture Cooperation Initiative presentation file
Experiences and Success of Conserving the last one thousand Jakar sheep in Bhutan presentation file
Animal Genetic Resources Updates - South West Pacific Region presentation file
Strengthening the Capacity of African Countries to Conservation and Sustainable Utilisation of African Animal Genetic Resources presentation file
European Regional Focal Point (ERFP) presentation file