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Tuesday 27 January 2009
Establishing animal breeding strategies in low-and-medium input production systems, B. Besbes pdf file
with examples summarizing work in:
  Kenya, C. Okore pdf file

Peru, H. William Vivanco Mackie

pdf file
  Tanzania, S. Das presented by C. Okore pdf file
Wednesday 28 January

Development of National Plans and Strategies for the Implementation of the Global Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources, B. Scherf

pdf file

with an example from United Kingdom, M. Roper

pdf file
Thursday 29 January 2009

Different aspects of rights to animal genetic resources, chaired by Dr Ms Jessica Kathle, Director NordGen


Report from the workshop on Rights to Animal Genetic Resources, World Trade Institute, Susette Biber-Klemm

pdf file

Report from the workshop on "South African Livestock keepers rights", League for Pastoral Peoples, Evelyn Mathias

pdf file

Farm animal genes in national and international trade, Nordic Genetic Resource Center, NordGen, Erling Fimland

pdf file

European Livestock Breeds Ark and Rescue Net as a response system for breeds at risk by Elli Broxham & Waltraud Kugler, SAVE Foundation

pdf file
Friday 30 January 2009

Early warning and response system of Slovenia, D. Kompan

pdf file

Early warning system of Uganda, D. Semambo

pdf file

Implementation of the Global Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources:


PIX in the Southwest Pacific, N. Nonga

pdf file

PIX in China, Hongjie Yang

pdf file

PIX in Poland, Elzbieta Martyniuk

pdf file