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Call for participation in the FAO led Multi-stakeholder Feed Safety Partnership
Working together to address AMR
Feedipedia: more than 3000 daily sessions and over 1.3 million visitors in just 3 years
Call for technical cooperation in Water Footprinting and modelling of Nitrogen and Phosphorus flows
Talks with new head of World Organisation for Animal Health
GLEAM-i: a tool to support countries tackling climate change through livestock
FAO calls for international action on antimicrobial resistance
Zika: FAO Director-General says agency is ready to contribute to international efforts
FAO pushes for a road map to control and contain zoonotic diseases
from the field
Regional launch of the FAO component of the USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats Programme (EPT-2) for the Near East
Le Gabon se mobilise pour soutenir les petits élevages (en francés)
Increased consumption of dairy products in Asia-Pacific is good news for small farmers while improving child nutrition
Small Ruminants Safeguard Iran's Environment
8ème Fenêtre sur l'agriculture : Promouvoir le concept One Health pour une sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle (en francés)
FAO, Government of Ghana Sign a Technical Cooperation Project to stamp out the spread of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza from Ghana
Viet Nam - China aim for safer trade of animals and animal products
Eastern and Southern African pastoralists demand recognition and support
Des chercheurs et experts ouest-africains s'intéressent aux bénéfices environnementaux de l'intensification de l'élevage de ruminants (en francés)
FAO discusses the Contribution of Livestock to Food Security in the Countries of the Near East and North Africa region
Les bénéficiaires des formations en élevage des poules, maintenant bien outillés pour passer à la pratique (en francés)
First litter of Blackbelly lambs born from artificial insemination in Barbados
The EuFMD focusses on online training courses to fight Foot-and-Mouth disease
from the field
FAO receives certificate of merit from the Minister for substantial contributions to livestock development in Viet Nam
FAO unveils its new hatchery biosecurity training manual