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In action

Webinar on rabies prevention and control tools in Asia
FAO opens the re-established central cold chain for livestock vaccines
FAO ECTAD Marks the Closure of Avian Influenza Prevention and Control Project in Indonesia
LinkTADs Workshops on Laboratory issues
Webinar in Chinese on rabies prevention and control in China
6th Annual Regional Animal Health Network meeting for eastern Africa
LinkTADs dissemination event at EPIZONE
Second Technical Meeting of the Animal Health Networks in Central Africa
FAO continues its effort in building veterinary services capacity for emergency management
FAO and its partners accelerate the process of rinderpest virus destruction and sequestration in Africa
FAO’s progress towards Rift Valley Fever (RVF) prevention in Northern Africa
LinkTADs First Dissemination Event in Europe
FAO boosts capacity of the Ugandan government to fight Foot-and-Mouth disease
FAO ECTAD Indonesia: a fun way to exchange messages with farmers at the Indolivestock Expo
FAO commits regional efforts to control cross-border livestock diseases in South Sudan and Uganda
Rabies prevention and control tools in Asia
Controlling Avian Flu in West Africa: Nuclear-Derived Techniques Enable Early Detection of Outbreaks
Global Strategy to Fight Global Ruminant Pest Uses Nuclear Techniques
Strengthening animal health risk assessment capacities in Myanmar
Biosafety/biosecurity: national veterinary laboratories assessed in four African countries
H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) emergency in West Africa
Webinar on rabies prevention and control tools in Asia
Implementation of the FAO-OIE Global Foot-and-Mouth Disease Control Strategy - The 6th West Eurasia Regional Roadmap Meeting
Senegal celebrates first victory against tsetse fly eradication
Fight against brucellosis translates into action in Georgia
FAO works with partners and member countries for the effective monitoring and prevention of MERS at the human-animal interface
FAO facilitates wild animal and disease monitoring in Zimbabwe
Project meeting to discuss the status and way forward of Vmerge
Prevention and Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases: FAO experts define scope of future work in Asia
Lumpy Skin Disease – Vaccination
Expert Panel Meeting to develop socioeconomic Guidelines for Foot and Mouth Disease Progressive Control
Exploring new tools against Rift Valley Fever (RVF) in the Horn of Africa and Middle East
LinkTADs workshop to develop research projects on the top-8 animal diseases in China
Avian influenza FAO mission in Benin and Togo
EuFMD Webinars: The way forward
Sustainable grassland management offers a better future for Qinghai herders
FAO’s support to the HPAI emergency in Egypt
Support to the improvement of the control of trade-relevant transboundary animal diseases
Webinar on antimicrobial resistance
Promoting research focusing on the needs of smallholder farmers
FAO provides assistance to West Bank in HPAI H5N1 response
A national policy for efficient Veterinary Laboratory services - Kenya as a pilot country
Coordinating the fight against African swine fever in Eastern Africa
FAO and USAID rolling out next phase of support to countries dealing with avian influenzas and emerging pandemic threats
Protecting Mongolia’s livestock and livelihoods from animal diseases: FAO and partners train authorities in latest border inspection techniques
FAO and the United States’ Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) collaborate to reduce biological threats
Preparing for 2015 launch of a smartphone pilot project (EMA-i) in Mali to improve disease reporting
Training Chinese veterinary services to assess and reduce the risk of an African swine fever incursion