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Future and past meetings

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30 Nov - 2 Dec GTOS SC meeting Paris, France
17 - 18 Nov GEO-VI: Sixth Plenary Session Washington, D.C., USA
29-30 Oct 11th TOPC Panel Meeting Rome, Italy
13-17 Oct GOFC-GOLD Symposium Jena,Germany
14-17 Oct GOFC-GOLD Symposium Geneva,Switzerland
21 May COCOS Kick-off meeting Paris, France
26-30 Nov GLCN Central Asia Workshop Ankara, Turkey
15-16 Nov   TOPC Panel Meeting Rome, Italy
16-18 July GEO Global Agricultural Monitoring workshop Rome, Italy
37 May - 1 June ISO/TC 211 24th Plenary meeting Rome, Italy
30 May 14th Meeting of the IGOS Partnership Paris, France
7-18 May UNFCCC SBSTA 26 Bonn, Germany
17-19 April GOFC-GOLD workshop on RED Santa Cruz, Bolivia
- GLCN Central Asia regional workshop -
4-8 Dec GLCN MAR awareness and training workshop Dehradun, India
9-12 Nov DIVERSITAS/GOFC-GOLD session at ESSP Beijing, Paris
6-10 Nov 9th GSDI conference Santiago de Chile
8 July GOFC-GOLD NERIN NELDA workshop Tomsk, Russia
28-29 June GTOS Panel Chairs meeting Paris, France
26-27 June TCO Panel meeting Ispra, Italy
28-29 March 9th TOPC panel meeting Ispra, Italy
20-31 March GTOS side event at 8th CoP of CBD Curitiba, Brazil
21-25 March GOLF-GOLD land cover workshop Jena, Germany
8-10 March IGOL agriculture meeting (Mexico room) Rome, Italy
27 Feb – 1 March 3rd IGOL land theme development workshop Beijing, China
22-24 Feb NEESPI science meeting Vienna, Austria
16-17 Feb EROS/GLCN land cover collaboration Bamako, Mali
13-14 Feb Global Land Project meeting (Canada room) Rome, Italy
8-10 Feb Land use workshop (Mexico room) Rome, Italy
25-27 Jan GTOS SC meeting (Mexico room) Rome, Italy
24 Jan GTOS Panel Chairs meeting (India room) Rome, Italy
Jan TCO Panel meeting Rome, Italy
19-23 Dec GLCN national workshop for India Dehradun, India
14-15 Dec Second Plenary of GEO Geneva, Switzerland
5-9 December GLCN Central America training workshop San José, Costa Rica
28 Nov – 9 Dec GTOS reporting at UNFCCC Cop 11 Montreal, Canada
28 Nov – 2 Dec GTOS side event at SBSTTA 11 of CBD Montreal, Canada
17 Nov 12 bis IGOS-P meeting London, UK
8-15 Nov 9th Ramsar CCP side event Kampala, Uganda
3-4 Nov IGOL Biodiversity meeting Washington DC, USA
24 Oct ICPC for GEO/GEOSS Geneva, Switzerland
16-25 Oct GTOS/GLCN at the CMS COP8 partnership fair Nairobi, Kenya
10-21 Oct GLCN national workshop Montevideo, Uruguay
13 Oct Globcover PDR meeting Frascati, Italy
28 Sep TCO 2nd CarboAfrica meeting Rome, Italy
20-21 July 2nd IGOL land theme development workshop Reston, USA
28 June TCO 1st CarboAfrica meeting Rome, Italy
18-19 June NERIN observations of land cover workshop St.Petersburg, Russia
1 June GLCN project SC meeting Rome, Italy
26 May IGOS-Partners 11bis Meeting Geneva, CH
25 May 9th G3OS meeting Geneva, CH
2-11 May CRIC of UNCCD side event Bonn, Germany
25-29 April GLCN National workshop for China Beijing, China
19-22 April GOFC-GOLD Steering Committee meeting Beijing, China
12-13 April GTOS Sponsors meeting Rome, Italy
19-23 March GLCN Middle East training workshop Sharm El Sheikh
15-18 Feb. GLCN National workshop for India New Delhi, India
8-9 Dec. LCCS training workshop Pretoria, South Africa
15-19 Nov. LCCS training workshop Quito, Ecuador
18 Nov. IGOS-Partners 11bis Meeting Beijing, China
7-8 Oct. GTOS Sponsors meeting Rome, Italy
21-23 Sept. Land cover mapping and change assessment workshop Florence, Italy
13-15 Sept. IGOS 1st land theme development workshop Rome, Italy
14-16 July GOFC-GOLD LCCS training workshop Rome, Italy
22-25 June Harmonization of terrestrial carbon measurements in CEE Prague, Czech Rep.
17-18 June NORTH proposal for EU 6th framework workshop - GOLD Berlin, Germany
25 May GTOS mini preparation meeting Rome, Italy
26 May 9th G3OS meeting Rome, Italy
27 May 11th IGOS-P meeting Rome, Italy
6-7 April TOPC Panel 8th session Ispra, Italy
16-18 Dec. 7th TOPC meeting Rome, Italy
13 Dec. TCO Panel meeting San Francisco, USA
2-4 Dec. GTOS Biodiversity workshop Berlin, Germany
1-6 Dec. Asia Cover GLCN training workshop Bangkok, Thailand
10-14 Nov. Africa Sahel GLCN training workshop Dakar, Senegal
18-23 Oct. GTOS Coastal Workshop Costa Rica
3-6 June Improved quantification of global carbon cycle fluxes, TCO/GCP Sheffield, UK
16-18 March GOFC-GOLD Executive Committee Meeting Ispra, Italy
3-6 March Meeting of the GTOS Coastal panel Ispra, Italy
15-16 Jan. IGOS Coastal Theme Development Workshop Washington DC, USA
26-31 Oct. CEE TCO data warehouse building workshop Prague,
Czech Republic
16-18 Oct. GTOS coastal workshop Greenville, North Carolina, Usa
25-31 August 3rd European Conference on Restoration Ecology Budapest, Hungary
29 July -1 Aug 3rd meeting of the GOFC-GOLD Southern Africa Fire network (SAFNET) Botswana, Gaborone
25-27 June TOPC meeting Ispra, Italy
4-6 June Southern Africa data/metadata policy workshop Pretoria, South Africa
4-6 June CEE Knowledgeware Training Workshop Budapest, Hungary
11-13 February
GOFC Land Cover Implementation Team Meeting
Toulouse, France
23-25 January
Forest-related definitions
Rome, Italy
22-23 January TOPC meeting Rome, Italy
7-8 November Eighth IGOS Partners meeting Kyoto, Japan
6-7 November CEOS Plenary Kyoto, Japan
25-27 September Dynamic tools workshop Harare, Zimbabwe
20-21 September Integrated Global Carbon Observations expert group Paris, France
4-6 September BRIM / MAB meeting Rome, Italy
2-3 September Biosphere Reserves workshop Rome, Italy
16 July Meeting of the ILTER network London, UK
21-22 June GTN-H Expert meeting Koblenz, Germany
7-8 June MODIS LAI validation workshop Frascati, Italy
5-8 June In situ Terrestrial Carbon Observations meeting Frascati, Italy
1 June IGOS-P7 meeting Paris, France
31 May G3OS sponsors meeting, 6th sessions Paris, France
21-22 May LTER/GTOS Carbon Flux Scaling Workshop Oregon, USA
3-4 7-9 May ProMIS training workshop Lusaka, Zambia
23-24 April GOSIC meeting USA, Delaware
8-11 February Terrestrial Carbon Observations Synthesis Workshop Ottawa, Canada
21-23 February GTOS Southern and eastern Africa synthesis workshop Pretoria, South Africa
10-13 April Atmospheric Observation Panel for Climate Geneva, Switzerland

22-25 May

Terrestrial Carbon Observations Requirements workshop Lisbon, Portugal
26-28 May WMO/GTOS Workshop on health and climate Rome
6 June G30S Sponsors meeting Geneva, Switzerland
7 June IGOS Partners meeting Geneva, Switzerland
26-30 June Hydrology network meeting Offenbach Germany
3-5 August LTER Snowbird, Utah, USA
16-20 October Terrestrial Carbon conference New Hampshire, USA
November IGOS Partners Brazil
Past Meetings 1996 to 1999

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