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11th Session of the TOPC Panel meeting
Last updated 27 October 2008

29-30 October 2008


The meeting will begin at 9:30 am at FAO Headquarters in the NR Room (B-503)
The FAO building is next to the Circo Massimo subway ("Metro") line B ("linea B") stop.

Meeting documents

  • Information note on logistics 427kb, v1, 18 Sept.
  • Agenda 66kb, v2, 27 Oct.
  • TOPC Panel Members 34kb, v1, 27 Oct.
  • TOPC Meeting Participants, Affiliation and Theme of Expertise
    52kb, v1, 27 Oct.
  • WCRP Observation and Assimilation Panel (WOAP-3) Conclusions and Recommendations 118kb, v2, 10 Oct.
  • WOAP Report from WOAP-3 meeting (Boulder, CO, 29 Sept -- 1 Oct. 2008) 334kb, v2, 10 Oct.
  • TOPC Report to GCOS SC-XV (Geneva, October 2008) 35kb, v2, 10 Oct.
  • Report of the 10th session of the TOPC Panel 393kb, v8, 25 Sept.
  • GCOS Progress Report 4.4MB, v0.4.1, 21 Oct.
  • GTOS Biennial Report 4.2MB, v1, 25 Sept.
  • Terrestrial Essential Climate Variables for Climate Change Assessment, Mitigation and Adaptation 3.0MB, v1, 25 Sept.
    GTOS terrestrial ECV activities Web link
    GTOS terrestrial framework activities Web link
    GCOS Implementation Plan Web link


    The two main airports are Fiumicino airport (sometimes called Leonardo da Vinci airport, 36 km west of Rome) and Ciampino airport (16km southeast of Rome, but used primarily for charter flights). Detailed information can be obtained at the Aeoroporti di Roma (ADR) website (http://www.adr.it/Default.asp?L=3&)


    A taxi from Fiumicino airport to a hotel near FAO HQ should cost approximately Euro 40 (US$50).

    A few notes of caution:
    1) Only use taxis at the official taxi stand outside the arrivals hall (ignore other offers in arrivals hall). It is not advisable to accept rides from unauthorized taxis either at the airport or at the railway station - go to the taxi stand.

    2) Please be aware that even in the taxi stand there may be unofficial taxis. Official taxis must have a clock/counter on the dashboard.

    3) Ask for an estimate of the fare before departure. The average cost of a taxi ride from Fiumicino to FAO HQ is about Euro 40 but will vary on the day, time, and heavy luggage.

    4) Remember to have Euros with you to pay the taxi driver on arrival.

    5) Bring with you details of your hotel or of FAO HQ: Ask to be taken ("mi pu˛ portare a") e.g. FAO, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla. If you need a receipt for the taxi ride, please ask the taxi-driver ("posso avere una ricevuta").

    6) Please ask the Hotel or FAO staff for assistance if you have any problems with the taxi drivers on arrival.

    Public Transport
    1) You can take a train from the airport (direction Fara Sabina - every 20 minutes, less frequent on Sundays) to Ostiense Station and then take a short taxi ride to your hotel.

    2) You can take a train from the airport directly to Stazione Termini (the main station), and then take a taxi to your hotel. Note these trains are less frequent. At Termini Station you can also take the subway (linea B) to Circo Massimo (direzione/direction Laurentina). You will find the FAO gate entrance directly in front of you as you go up the steps from the subway station. The tickets for the Subway can be bought at a "Tabaccheria" at the Airport and Termini Station and from the automatic machines at the subway station (which is signposted and directly under Termini Station). The cost of the subway ticket is 1Euro.


    Usual precautions: Keep luggage close to you at all times on the train, in the subways, and at the air terminals. As in all big cities, beware of pick-pockets.


    Hotels located near FAO HQ. Please confirm rates and availability with hotel.
    Hotel Sourire
    Via delle Terme Deciane 3
    tel: 06-5750958
    Hotel Sant'Anselmo
    Piazza Sant'Anselmo 2
    tel: 06-5745174/5743547/5745041
    Hotel Domus Aventino
    Via di Santa Prisca 11/b
    tel: 06-5746135/5746189/5782565
    Hotel Santa Prisca
    Largo dei Gelsomini, 25
    00153 Rome
    tel: (39-06) 574-1917/575-0469/5750009
    Hotel Lancelot
    Via Capo d'Africa 47
    tel: 06-70450615
    Hotel Delta
    Via Labicana 744
    tel: 06-770021
    Hotel Celio
    Via S.S. Quattro Coronati 35
    tel: 06-70495333
    Hotel Villa S. Pio
    via S. Melania, 19
    tel +39.06.5745231/2
    Hotel Aventino
    via S. Domenico, 10
    tel +39.06.5783214


    In late October the weather in Rome is cool with an average minimum temperature of 11.5 degrees Celsius (53 degrees Farenheit) and maximum temperature of 21 degrees Celsius (71 degrees Farenheit). Up to date information

    Exchange rates

    Current exchange rates are approximately 1 Euro = 1.46 USD. The most uptodate exchange rate can be obtained from the following site: http://www.xe.com/ucc/. It is possible to exchange money at exchange offices which are located at the airport, train stations and the city centre. Money can also be withdrawn from cash machines with a credit card.

    Contact point

    Zubair Qamar, GTOS Secretariat
    FAO, NRC
    Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
    00153 Rome Italy
    E-mail: Zubair.Qamar@fao.org
    Phone: +39-06-570-52246

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