Thousands of FAO photos now at Internet users' fingertips

Anyone with access to the World Wide Web can now search or browse through more than 3 000 of the most recent and relevant pictures in FAO's Photo Library without leaving his or her desk.

After two years of development, testing and in-house use by the Photo Library staff, the new digital photo archive, known as MediaBase, was launched on the Web in November 1996 in time for the World Food Summit.

Users can tell the MediaBase system what kind of pictures they are looking for, for example, photos relating to pesticides from the Asia-Pacific region, and within a few seconds, small "thumbnail" previews of the pictures that fit the request will pop up on the screen, along with a short caption and basic information about when and where the picture was taken. Clicking on the number that identifies a picture will bring up a larger version and more detailed textual information.

In the future, Internet users, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and journalists, will be able to purchase and download pictures from a database that will include thousands more photographs and informational graphics. At present, they can obtain publication quality versions by making note of the pictures they want and contacting the Photo Library by :

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23 July 1998