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New_LocClim: Local Climate Estimator

| Environment and Natural Resources, Working paper No. 20 (CD-ROM) | October 2005 |

New_LocClim CD cover The New_locClim (an abbreviation for “Local Climate”), a software program and database, provides estimates of average climatic conditions at locations for which no observations are available. The programme can (a) create climatic maps, (b) extract data in various formats from the database for further processing and (c) display graphs showing the annual cycle of monthly climate and the crop calendar.

The user can select between any of several interpolation methods and apply standard corrections, such as altitude corrections. The programme includes the current updated version of the FAOCLIM database of almost 30,000 stations worldwide, but users can also process their own data. This program supercedes FAOCLIM 2.0 and the earlier LocClim 1.0.

Concepts of probability and risk of frost damage are reviewed, and information is provided to help readers make economic decisions about frost protection. Computer application programs (in Microsoft Excel) are included in the CD-ROM to help simplify complex calculations; sample calculations are presented in the text.

(available in English only). Click here to download the software.

For more information, contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Other tools:

Please note that there is also a java-based web version of LocClim ("Web_LocClim").

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