Boerma Award winners talk about their work

FAO established the Boerma Award in 1975 to honour journalists who have helped to focus public attention on world food problems, mainly on agricultural and rural development issues in developing countries. Conferred every two years, the award is named after a former Director-General of FAO, Mr Addeke H. Boerma.

Previous winners have included the late Mohamed Amin, who made the television documentary African Calvary -- Uncertain Redemption about the 1984 Ethiopian famine, and Franceline Oubda, who co-produces Burkina Faso's national television programme Women and Development.

This year, the Boerma Award goes to CNN International's Jim Clancy, producer and host of Inside Africa, and to Palagummi Sainath, a freelance writer and photographer from India who writes frequently and provocatively about hunger and other development issues.


Jim Clancy's career began in Denver, Colorado (US) but his face is known to television viewers across the world. As a news correspondent and anchor for CNN International, he has covered wars and famine in Rwanda and Somalia. In 1999, Mr Clancy created a new program called Inside Africa, which looks beyond the sensational and tragic events that typify coverage of Africa. The half-hour weekly programme covers the continent from a human perspective, reporting on the day-to-day lives of people across the continent. Click here to read an interview with Jim Clancy.




Palagummi Sainath has been described by Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen as "one of the world's greatest experts on famine and hunger". Through his work on the livelihoods of India's rural poor, Sainath has changed the nature of the development debate in his own country and across the world. His ground-breaking book, Everybody Loves a Good Drought, published in 1999, helped focus public attention on important aspects of the world food problem, increasing public awareness and support. Click here to read an interview with Palagummi Sainath.




(The Times of India)

6 November 2001


Listen to an audio clip from an interview with CNN's Jim Clancy about the way the media covers Africa and ways they can cover the continent better (2min12sec). In Realaudio (144Kb) or Mp3 (1Mb)

Listen to an audio clip from an interview with Indian journalist Palagummi Sainath on his perception of development (1min59sec). In Realaudio (129Kb) or Mp3 (924Kb)


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