14-16 OCTOBER 2001

World Food Day

by Margareta Winberg

Margareta Winberg, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, closed the seminar, reiterating the pledge by Sweden to work to end hunger around the world. "It is the responsibility of every country to supply the prerequisites for every citizen to earn one's living and eat sufficiently."

In her speech, she added that Sweden wanted to reform the European Union Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to halt the dumping of EU foods in poor countries. "CAP is unfair to countries outside the EU and encourages European dumping on markets outside the EU, lowering prices outside the bloc so that people (in developing nations) receive less than the commodities are worth."

She added comments about foreign aid: "Development cooperation at its best can function as a catalyst for processes that lead to more equal conditions for poor people and poor countries and encourages their participation in the global economy... The Swedish government is committed to achieving the "one percent target," that is, a size of foreign aid corresponding to one percent of GNI (gross national income)."

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