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Technical guidelines, workshops provide guidance
FAO’s contribution to promoting international implementation of the Code includes producing a series of detailed technical manuals which provide specific guidance on responsible fishing practices and related management measures.

Guidelines produced so far have covered a broad range of fisheries operation and policy issues, such as: aquaculture, combating illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, fish utilization, fishing operations, integration of fisheries into coastal area management, species introductions, the ecosystem approach to fisheries, and vessel monitoring systems.

More are in the works, including guidelines on eliminating fishing impacts on sea turtle populations, the creation of marine protected areas, management of deep sea fisheries, and controlling destructive fishing practices.

The Organization also established its FISHCODE programme, which targets technical assistance to developing countries in order to help them implement the Code.

Through FishCode and other mechanisms, FAO works with national and regional fisheries agencies around the world on an ongoing basis to convene meetings, workshops and training sessions on Code implementation.

The Code itself has been translated into some 40 different languages and has been widely distributed through a variety of mechanisms.

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Technical guidelines, workshops provide guidance

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Technical guidelines, workshops provide guidance
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