International Conference on Organic Agriculture and Food Security

Rome, 03 - 05 May 2007

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Meeting the food security challenge through organic agriculture
FAO Newsroom

FAO looks to organics for food security
Food Production Daily

States Must Integrate Organic Agriculture To Meet Food Security
Daily Independent

Switch to organic crops could help poor
The Associated Press

Researchers: Organic push won't hurt world food supply
USA Today

FAO Convenes International Conference International to Demonstrate
the Huge Potential of Organic Agriculture


Organic Agriculture: proven but needs political support
Third World Network Information Service on Sustainable Agriculture

Integrate organic agriculture objectives, FAO advises

La FAO encourage les États à intégrer l'agriculture biologique
dans leurs priorités nationales

Actu Environnement

Fréquence santé : La sécurité alimentaire grâce à l’agriculture biologique
(interview Nadia Scialabba)

UN Radio news, 10 mai 2007

Afrique: L'agriculture biologique face au défi de la sécurité alimentaire

La FAO plébiscite l’agriculture biologique
Univers Nature

Agricoltura. FAO: bio puo' soddisfare fabbisogno mondo
Federazione dei Verdi

FAO: Agricoltura biologica per fabbisogno mondo

FAO: Agricultura orgânica ocupa 31 milhões hectares em 120 países
Agência EFE

Biolandbau kann Menschheit ernähren
Tages Anzeiger

Biolandbau verbessert die Welternahrung
AZ Fricktal

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