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    26 April 2010

NEW expanded version!

Available for FREE!


Participation - Sharing our resources

Resource CD on Participatory Approaches, Methods and Tools

FAO Participation Website Team


This CD presents a collection of 635 FAO full-text publications on “Participation in development” and a data base featuring 360 participatory approaches, methods and tools developed by FAO and other organizations. It provides powerful search options which will help you explore and access information on specific topics. It is an updated version of a former CD on Participatory Approaches and includes three language versions (English, French and Spanish).

Free copies can be requested no later than April 30th, 2012, by writing to IWG-PA-Webbox@fao.org, specifying who will use it and for which purpose,

For additional information, please contact: Clarissa.Ruggieri@fao.org and Bernd.Seiffert@fao.org




  Informal Working Group on
  Participatory Approaches & Methods
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