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Updated February 1998

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16-18 December 1997
Technical Consultation on Decentralization




Opening statements

Keynote papers

Working group papers: Abstracts / summaries (147K!)

  1. Political dimension of decentralization
  2. Decentralization: programme formulation/implementation, monitoring/ evaluation, and participation
  3. Reform of institutions and the new role of the state
  4. Fiscal decentralization, regional equity, macroeconomic management and rural growth
  5. Institutional capacity
  6. Decentralization and access to rural services (agricultural and social)
  7. Decentralization and natural resource management (productive and conservation projects)
  8. Decentralization and the provision of rural infrastructures
  9. Design of intergovernmental fiscal relations and international finance institutions' allocations for rural development
  10. Sequencing, timing and design of decentralization strategies: Application to case studies

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