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June 2004

Announcement of a new publication

GTOS Biennial Report 2002-2003

GTOS is a global system for observations, modelling and analysis of terrestrial ecosystems to support sustainable development. Its mission is to facilitate access to reliable information on terrestrial ecosystems so that researchers and policy-makers can detect and manage global and regional environmental change.

The vision for GTOS over the next two years aims at recognition as an indispensable information partner in the quest for better management of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems. To this end, GTOS will prioritize:

  • operational delivery in areas where GTOS is clearly a leading organization;
  • planning and implementation in areas within our mandate where GTOS is well-positioned to be a leader, and
  • active and non-territorial collaboration with other organizations that share our objectives.

Click here to view the document (html format).

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