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May 2006

Distance learning CD-rom

Understand, analyze and manage a decentralization process

Based on the experience of training courses provided in 2004 and 2005 at the Agronomic Mediterranean Institute in Bari, and Montpellier, the Rural Institutions and Participation Service (Jean Bonnal, Bernd Seiffert, Nikola Rass) has prepared Training CDs which are available in the Digital Series "Institutions for Rural Development".

This distance learning course prepared is based on the manual "Understand, analyze and manage a decentralisation process” by Jean Bonnal and Massimo Rossi published in the Series Rural Development and Decentralisation. This manual is a training and self-training tool on decentralization. The Course has been tested at the Agronomic Mediterranean Institute in Montpellier. The CD allows users to familiarize themselves with the main principles and operational aspects of decentralization in rural development and to start a more in-depth analysis on particular points of interest.

The training course is divided into four modules:

Module 1: Conceptual/terminological framework and decentralization background
Module 2: Understanding the Decentralization Process
Module 3: Analyzing the Decentralization Process
Module 4: Managing the Decentralization Process

Each module gives 3-5 text units (Inputs), complemented by Case studies, two Exercises and the introduction of useful Tools (Preparation and finalization sheet for the written Country contributions, Country Profile, Questionnaire to Establish a Typology of Decentralisation Processes) and Applications (Restructuring Rural Institutions, The role of the Region, The role of intermediate bodies).

Furthermore the CD provides a section with links to Literature and a Glossary.

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