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September 2006

Announcement of a publication

Report of the sensitation workshop on rural radio for policy and decision makers in East and Southern Africa

This workshop follows findings of two studies on training needs for rural radio in Africa (1999 and 2000) carried out by Inter-African Center for Rural Broadcasting Studies of Ouagadougou (CIERRO) and The South Africa Development Community Centre of Communication for Development (SADC CCD). These studies were conducted under the auspices of Technical Centre of Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and FAO, in West, Central, Eastern and Southern Africa. Results of the two studies show that there is a need for training in Rural Radio. This was particularly so in the Eastern and Southern Africa region where no school in Rural Radio exists. Before such training takes place there is however, a need to sensitise policy and decision makers on the status of rural radio and its practitioners in East and Southern Africa.

Following on the recommendation of the Steering Committee on Rural Radio Training in Africa at its meeting held in Rome on 17 - 18 May 2004, the Southern Africa Development Community Centre of Communication for Development proposed that an awareness workshop be organized in Malawi during the January/February 2005 period. This report is on this workshop that took place at the Crest Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe, Malawi.

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