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December 2004

FAO HIV/AIDS Programme fact sheets

The FAO HIV/AIDS Programme has produced a series of fact sheets. FAO has been mandated by its governing bodies to monitor the impact of HIV/AIDS on food security. In addition, FAO supports its member countries in their efforts to prevent the worsening of the epidemic and to mitigate it negative effects on food security and nutrition.

FAO’s focus areas in its work with HIV/AIDS include: improving food security and nutrition; enhancing labour-saving practices and technologies; addressing gender-specific vulnerabilities, needs and interests; ensuring that agricultural knowledge, practice and skills are preserved and transmitted; building the capacity of formal and informal rural institutions; influencing policy at the local, national and international levels; and inserting an HIV/AIDS “lens” in emergency sitautions.

The following fact sheets describe some of the initiatives of FAO to date:

  • The role of agriculture in preventing and mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS
  • Saving time and labour
  • Meeting food and nutrition needs
  • Addressing gender inequalities
  • Promoting agrobiodiversity and the transmission of local knowledge
  • Strengthening rural institutions
  • Transferring and passing knowledge on to future generations
  • Responding to emergencies
  • Influencing policy
  • Sectoral responses
  • Forestry and agroforestry in multisectoral HIV/AIDS programming

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