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Environmental policy and integrated management

Environmental policy and integrated management refers to areas in which governmental or international policy are directed towards improving environmental quality at the national, regional or global level. While this subject area is broad, the focus is on the use of policy mechanisms and techniques aimed at strengthening human and institutional capacity to effectively deal with environmental issues. This might be done, for example, through training in environmental impact assessment (EIA), through a policy study in a Ministry of Agriculture, or guidelines aimed at improved natural resource management.

This theme includes specific topics such as: environmental impact assessment (EIA); national and regional environmental action plans; implementation of Agenda 21; indicators of sustainable development; integrated coastal area management (ICAM); organic agriculture; energy policy; natural resource conservation; environmental accounting; life cycle analysis; and indigenous knowledge.

In view of FAO's mandate, much of the content relates to the agricultural or rural dimension of environmental policy and integrated management. In many cases, the topics are also directly related to other categories such as environmental conventions or environmental monitoring and assessment activities. To the extent possible, the appropriate links and cross-references are provided.

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Policy and integrated management

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