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The following publications are available from:
Chief, Environment and Natural Resources Service (SDRN)
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00100 Rome, Italy

Current Series

Environment and Natural Resources Series Environment and Natural Resources Working Paper Remote Sensing for Decision Makers Series

Discontinued Series (replaced by the above) Environment and Energy Series Remote Sensing Centre Series Agrometeorology Working Paper

Environment and natural resources series

10. Frost Protection: fundamentals, practice and economics- Volume I and II + CD, 2005 (E)
9. Coastal GTOS. Strategic design and face 1 implementation plan, 2005, (E)
8. Land Cover Classification System (LCCS), version 2, 2004 (E)
7. The application of spatial regression model to the analysis and mapping poverty, 2003 (E)
6. The clean development mechanism (CDM): implications for energy and sustainable agriculture and rural development projects, 2003 (E) Not available
5. Terrestrial Carbon Observations
The Frascati report on in situ carbon data and information
, 2002 (E)
4. Organic agriculture,environment and food security, 2002 (E)
3. Terrestrial Carbon Observations
The Rio de Janeiro recommandations for terrestrial and atmospheric measurements, 2002 (E)
2. Terrestrial Carbon Observations
The Ottawa assessment of requirements, status and next steps
, 2002 (E)
1. Africover: specifications for geometry and cartography, 2000 (E)

Environment and natural resources working papers

17. Towards sustainable agriculture and rural development in the Ethiopian highlands. (E)
16. Integrated natural resources management to enhance food security. The case for community-based approaches in Ethiopia, 2003 (E)
15. Guidelines for establishing audits of agricultural-environmental hotspots. 2003 (E)
14. Geo-information for agriculture development. A selection of applications. (E)
13. Groundwater search by remote sensing, a methodological approach, 2003 (E)
12. FAO & climate change, CD-rom, 2003 (E)
11. TERRASTAT: Global land resources GIS models and databases for poverty and food insecurity mapping, CD-rom, 2003 (E)
10. Toward a GIS-based analysis of mountain environments and populations, 2003 (E)
9. Local climate estimator, LocClim 1.0 CD-rom, 2002 (E)
8. Enviromental monitoring and natural resources management for food security and sustainable development, CD-rom, 2002 (E)
7. GIS and spatial analysis for poverty and food insecurity, 2002 (E)
6. Preparation of a land cover database of Bulgaria through remote sensing and GIS, 2001 (E)
5. World wide agroclimatic database, FAOCLIM CD-rom v. 2.01, 2001 (E)
4. The energy and agriculture nexus, 2000 (E)
3. Energia solar fotovoltaica para la agricultura y el desarrollo rural sostenibles, 2000 (S)
2. Solar photovoltaics for sustainable agriculture and rural development, 2000 (E)
1. Inventory and monitoring of shrimp farms in Sri Lanka by ERS SAR data, 1999 (E)

Remote sensing for decision makers series

21. "Preparation of a land cover database through remote sensing and GIS: Pilot study in Bulgaria" (also in French)
20. "Assessment of priority areas for trypanosomiasis control actions by satellite data and fuzzy logic: Pilot study in Togo" (also in French)
19. "Inventory and monitoring of shrimp farms by radar satellite data - Pilot study in Sri Lanka" (also in French)
18. "Satellite imagery for a crop information system - Pilot study in Romania" (also in French)
17. "Satellite Imagery and Geographic Information Systems in Groundwater Exploration - Pilot Study in the Syrian Arab Republic" (Eng., Fr.)
16. "Satellite Imagery for Rangeland Assessment and Monitoring - Pilot Study in Morocco" (Eng., Fr.)
15. "Satellite Imagery to Assist Forest Management - Pilot Study in Morocco" (Eng., Fr.)
14. "Satellite Imagery for Aquaculture Study and Lagoon Management.- Pilot Study in Morocco". (Eng., Fr.)
13. "Satellite Imagery for Forest Decline Assessment and Monitoring - Pilot Study in Poland". (Eng., Fr.)
12. "Satellite Imagery and Geographic Information Systems in Forest Fire Management - Pilot Study in Poland". (Eng., Fr.)
11. "Satellite Imagery for the Study of Urban Expansion - Pilot study in Tunisia". (Eng., Fr.)
10. "Satellite Imagery for Rural Development - Pilot study in Tunisia". (Eng., Fr.)
9. "Evaluation of Natural Disaster Damage - Pilot study in Tunisia". (Eng., Fr.)
8. "Satellite Imagery for the Dynamic Study of Desertification - Pilot study in Tunisia". (Eng., Fr.)
7. "Satellite Imagery for the Study of Marine Pollution - Pilot study in Tunisia". (Eng., Fr.)
6. "Données Satellite Haute Résolution et Photographies Aériennes Echantillon, Inventaire des terres irrigables au Tchad". (Fr.)
5. "High Resolution Satellite Data for Coastal Fisheries - Pilot study in the Philippines". (Eng.)
4. "High Resolution Satellite Data for Agricultural Statistics - Preliminary Review". (Eng.)
3. "High Resolution Satellite Data for Irrigation Management, Pilot study in Indonesia". (Eng.)
2. "High Resolution Satellite Data for Land Conservation Planning - Pilot study in Brazil". (Eng.)
1. "High Resolution Satellite Data for Soil Mapping - Pilot study in Botswana". (Eng.)<br>

Other CD-ROMs and publications

1. Atlas for Indonesia – Tsunami Volumes 1, 2 and 3. 2005

2. Atlas for Sri Lanka – Tsunami Volumes 1 and 2. 2005


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