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Posted June 1996

FAO Publications on production systems

Available from:
Chief, Distribution and Sales Section
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00100 Rome, Italy

"The rice-azolla-fish system. Organic Recycling in Asia and the Pacific". RAPA Bulletin Vol 4/1988, 37p. (En)

"Farming systems development: concept, methods, application". 1989, 44p. (En, Fr, Sp). I/T6080

"Biological farming in Europe". Besson, J-M. (ed). Proceedings of Expert Consultation, Bern, Switzerland, May 1990, REUR Technical Series 12, 1990, 298p. (En).

"Farming systems development: guidelines for the conduct of a training course". Farm Systems Management Series 1, 1990, 259p. (En, Fr, Sp).

"The forest-garden farms of Kandy, Sri Lanka". McConnell, D.J. Farm Systems Management Series 3, 1992, 117p. (En).

"Institutionalization of a farming systems approach to development". Proceedings of technical discussions, Rome, 15-17 October 1991. Farm Systems Management Series 5, 1992, 333p. (En).

"Manual de sistemas de labranza para América Latina". FAO Soils Bulletin 66, 1992, 208p. (Sp).

"Risk analysis in dryland farming systems". Anderson, J. & Dillon, J.L. Farm Systems Management Series 2, 1992, 109p. (En).

"Shifting cultivators: local technical knowledge and natural resource management in the humid tropics". Forests, Trees and People Programme. Community Forestry Case Study 8, 1992. (En).

"Changes and development in Solo Valley Farming Systems, Indonesia". Farm Systems Management Series 4, 1993. (En).

"Shifting cultivators of Indonesia: mauraders or managers of the forest. Rice production and forest use among the Uma'Jalan of East Kalimantan". Pierce Colfer, C.J. and Dudley, R.G. Forests, Trees and People Programme. Com- munity Forestry Case Study 6, 1993, 119p. (En). I/U9030

"Farming systems development: a participatory approach to helping small-scale farmers". FAO-Sweden Farming Systems Programme in Eastern and Southern Africa, 1994, 46p. I/T1875

"Farming systems development and soil conservation". Norman, D. and Douglas, M. FAO Farm Systems Management Series 7, 1994, 173p (En).

"Intensification and diversification of land-use systems in developing countries. A case study approach evaluating sustainability, with particular emphasis on farm-external input use". 1994, 86p, (En). D/T3418

"Sustainability of rice-wheat production systems in Asia". Paroda, R.S., Woodhead, T. and Singh, R.B. (eds). RAPA Publication: 1994/11, 1994, 209p.

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