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Updated July 1996

FAO Publications on forest resources

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00100 Rome, Italy

"Appropriate wood harvesting in plantation forests". FAO Forestry Paper 78, 1987. (En).

"Restoring the balance: women and forest resources". 1987, 32p. (En, Fr, Sp). I/S5500

"The eucalypt dilemma". 1988, 26p. (En, Fr, Sp). M/S7471

"Non-timber uses of selected arid zone trees and shrubs in Africa". Booth, F.E.M. and Wickens, G.E. FAO Conservation Guide 19, 1988, 186p. (En).

"Small-scale harvesting operations of wood and non-wood forest products involving rural people". FAO Forestry Paper 87, 1988. (En, Fr, Sp).

"Management of tropical moist forests in Africa". FAO Forestry Paper 88, 1989, 172. (En, Fr).

"Review of forest management systems of tropical Asia: case studies of natural forest management for timber production in India, Malaysia and the Philippines". FAO Forestry Paper 89, 1989, 233p. (En).

"The major significance of minor forest products. The local use and value of forests in the West African humid forest zone". Falconer, J. FAO Forests, Trees and People Programme. Community Forestry Note 6, 1990, 231p. (En).

"Trees and forests in rural land use". Muthoo, M.K. and Chipeta, M.E. 1991, 239p. (En, Fr). ISBN 92-5-203212-2

"Non-wood forest products: the way ahead". FAO Forestry Paper 97, 1991, 38p. (En, Sp).

"Les plantations à vocation de bois d'oeuvre en Afrique intertropicale humide". FAO Forestry Paper 98, 1991, 98p. (Fr).

"Economic assessment of forestry project impacts". Gregersen, H. and Contreras, A, in collaboration with the World Bank and UNEP. FAO Forestry Paper 106, 1992, 140p. (En, Fr).

"Environmental impact of forestry: guidelines for its assessment in developing countries". Zimmermann, R.C. FAO Conservation Guide 7, 1982 (reprinted 1992), 85p. (En, Sp).

"Introduction to ergonomics in forestry in developing countries". FAO Forestry Paper 100, 1992 (En).

"Mixed and pure forest plantations in the tropics and subtropics". FAO Forestry Paper 103, 1992, 152p. (En).

"Assessing forestry project impacts: issues and strategies". in collaboration with EPAT/MUCIA, World Bank, UNEP. FAO Forestry Paper 114, Gregersen, H. et al, 1993, 72p. (En).

"Timber plantations in the humid tropics of Africa". FAO Forestry Paper 98, 1993 (En, Fr).

"The challenge of sustainable forest management: what future for the world's forests?". 1993, 138p. (En, Fr, Sp). ISBN 92-5-103370-6

"Forest resources assessment 1990: tropical countries". FAO Forestry Paper 112, 1993, 104p. (En).

"Management and conservation of closed forests in tropical America". FAO Forestry Paper 101, 1993 (En, Fr, Sp).

"Mangrove forest management guidelines, in collaboration with the US Forest Service". FAO Forestry Paper 117, 1993, 319p. (En).

"Les produits bois reconstitués, liants en environnement". FAO Forestry Paper 119, 1994. (Fr).

"Decline and dieback of trees and forests - a global overview". Ciesla, W.M. and Donaubauer, E. FAO Forestry Paper 120, 1994, 90p. (En).

"The road from Rio: moving forward in forestry". 1994, 32p. (En, Fr, Sp) ISBN 92-5-103587

"Ecología y enseñanza rural. Manual para profesores rurales del área andina". FAO Forestry Paper 121, 1994, 147p. (Sp).

"Readings in sustainable forest management". FAO Forestry Paper 122, 1994, 278p. (En).

"Forest resources assessment 1990. Global synthesis". FAO Forestry Paper 124, 1995, 102p. (En).

"Climate change, forests and forest management; an overview". FAO Forestry Paper 126, 1995, 128p. (En).

"Forest resources 1990. Tropical forest plantation resources". FAO Forestry Paper 128, 1995, 90p. (En).

"Environmental impact assessment and environmental auditing in the pulp and paper industry". FAO Forestry Paper 129, 1995, 100p. (En).

"Training manual for environmental assessment in forestry". Prepared for RAP by Knowler, D. & Lovett, J., 1996, 120 p.

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