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Information and Support Services

Examples of information activities
  • Global Information & Early Warning System
  • Forest Resources Assessment
  • Knowledge is a vital tool for development. Scientific and technological advances have brought unprecedented changes to every field of human endeavour - including agriculture and food production.

    In addition to encouraging the direct transfer of skills and technology through field projects, FAO undertakes a variety of information and support services. Computer databases are maintained on topics ranging from fish marketing information to trade and production statistics and records of current agricultural research. The Organization's GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM provides data on soils, vegetation cover and other aspects of land use. Satellite imagery is among the many tools used by the GLOBAL INFORMATION AND EARLY WARNING SYSTEM to monitor conditions affecting food production and to alert governments and donors to any potential threats. The information gathered by the Organization is made available through publications, vide os, filmstrips and computer disks.

    FAO's information activities also include grassroots communication programmes that reach rural people directly, encouraging community awareness and action on agricultural and environmental issues. Public information campaigns address major issu es at a broader level.

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