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Committee on Commodity Problems
Intergovernmental Group on Meat and Dairy Products
Nineteenth Session
Rome, 27-29 August 2002
Governments are advised that the 19th Session of the Intergovernmental Group on Meat and Dairy Products will be held in FAO Headquarters from 27-29 August 2002.
The Group session is to be held concurrently with the Forty-eighth International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, scheduled to take place from 25 to 30 August at FAO Headquarters in Rome.
The Congress, which is organized by the University of Parma, will be open to IGG delegates.
The Congress Registration Fee will be waived for designated Intergovernmental Group (IGG) delegates to facilitate their participation.
Delegates are also invited to the Congress welcome reception on Sunday, 25 August at FAO Headquarters.
Information on the agenda of the Meat Congress can be accessed at the following website:
In addition, the IGG Session will be followed by two informal Symposia: one on developments in organic markets for meat and dairy products and the other on the outlook for the dairy sector to 2010.

For interested readers some selected documents are available on this website.

List of documents Download ID
CCP: ME 02/1 Provisional Agenda and Agenda Notes Y6747
CCP: ME 02/2 Medium Term Projections for Meat and Dairy Products to 2010
CCP: ME 02/3 Animal Diseases: Implications for International Meat Trade Y6975
CCP: ME 02/4 Market Developments for Organic Meat and Dairy Products: Implications for Developing Countries Y6976
CCP: ME 02/5 Work Programmes for Meat and Dairy Y7029
CCP: ME 02/6 Follow-up to the Guidelines for International Cooperation in the Livestock and Meat Sector    Y6974
CCP: ME 02/6
Guidelines for the International Cooperation of the Livestock and Meat Sector Y6988
CCP: ME 02/7 Developments Regarding the Common Fund for Commodities y6754
CCP: ME 02/8 Report of the 19th Session of the Intergovernmental Group on Meat and Dairy Products Y8075

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