Recycling livestock wastes


In preparing the manual, full advantage has been taken of recent developments in Information Technology and the authors are grateful to many colleagues who have shared experiences and ideas which have made possible its production in a format which we trust will facilitate its distribution and utilization. Special thanks go to Nicholas Waltham for introducing us to "html" and video editing and the world of Web pages, and for providing constant advice and encouragement throughout the process.  Juan Carlos Chirgwin and Rene Sansoucy are gratefully acknowledged for their contributions in revising early drafts of the material.  The University of Agriculture and Forestry, of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City, made available the 3,000 m² of land on their campus which became the "Finca Ecologica" (Ecological Farm), and where much of the experience was accumulated. Our Vietnamese team in Finca Ecologica  (Hoang Thi Tam, Nguyen Thi Duyen, Le Gia Thanh and Nguyen Van Lai) participated fully in the development of the ideas and practices, and their local knowledge and enthusiastic support has helped ensure that, in our view,  the technology is both "sustainable" and "transferable".  Bui Xuan An contributed many ideas in the adaptation of the biodigesters to conditions in Vietnam and  Duong Nguyen Khang must be credited for organizing the training courses and the logistics which have resulted in the establishment of more than 8,000 plastic biodigesters in SE Vietnam, paid for and installed by farmers.

Financial support from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, through the Animal Production Service, made possible the process of  preparing this series of manuals on waste recycling.   The views expressed and any textual errors or omissions are, however, the full responsibility of the authors.

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