Recycling livestock wastes


This manual does not pretend to be a comprehensive treatise on management of livestock wastes -- which would be an impossible task given the diversity of economic, social and ecological factors that typify farming systems in different regions of the world.  In fact, a  "manual" by definition is a practical guide to the installation, management and maintenance of a particular technology.  It follows that the authors of such manuals should be experienced practitioners of the "art" that they propose to demonstrate and explain to potential adopters of the technology. The authors of the present manual have been living and working with productive recycling of livestock wastes for the past five years in Vietnam and, in the case of one of us (TRP), researching elements of the technology for twenty years. The manual is based on the personal experiences of the authors and relates specifically to ecosystems in the humid tropics. Even in these ecosystems there are many approaches that can be followed and the recommendations that are made in no way preclude the other alternatives.

TR Preston and Lylian Rodríguez