Notes About the Author:

The three photographic essays on the rangelands of the Tibetan Plateau and Himalaya were prepared for FAO by Daniel J. Miller, who took the photographs and wrote the text. Daniel is an American rangeland ecologist with extensive experience in the Himalayas of Nepal and Bhutan and in the Tibetan Plateau in Western China. He first went to Nepal in 1974 as an American Peace Corps Volunteer where he lived and worked with yak herders and learned to speak Tibetan. He has travelled throughout the rangeland areas of northern Nepal and Bhutan while working for organizations such as Asian Development Bank, FAO, UNDP, USAID, World Bank, and World Wildlife Fund. Since 1988, Mr. Miller has made a total of 15 separate trips to Tibetan nomadic pastoral areas in Qinghai, Yunnan, Gansu and Sichuan Provinces and the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China where he has undertaken rangeland research and/or been involved in pastoral development and wildlife conservation programmes. From 1995 to 1997 he worked as a rangeland specialist for the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is an Honorary Professor in the Grassland Science Department, Gansu Agricultural University, Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China and is currently working with USAID in Washington, USA.

Slide A00:

Photo of the author with skull of Tibetan argali sheep in the Kunlun Mountains of western Qinghai Provice, China. (Date 1990)