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Posted October 2000

A Communication for Development CD-ROM

Knowledge and information are essential for people to respond successfully to the opportunities and challenges of social, economic and technological changes, including those that help to improve agricultural productivity and food security. But to be useful, knowledge and information must be effectively communicated to people.

The FAO Communication for Development Group has prepared a CD-ROM containing a selection of the group's publications. The CD-ROM covers a wide range of topics related to communication for development in many countries. The publications on the CD-ROM are in the original language in which they were published, however, summaries of each publication are provided in English, Spanish and French. A search engine allows the publications to be searched by title, keyword, etc.

As a compiled source of knowledge and experience, the CD-ROM can be a useful tool for policy-makers, planners, educators, extension workers and others who use communication to inform and educate people about new ideas and technical innovations in agricultural and rural development.

To access the CD-ROM, click here.

For more information, contact:
Jean Pierre Ilboudo
Communication for Development Group, SDRE

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