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November 2006

Annnouncement of a publication

Toolkit for the application of Participatory and Negociated Territorial Development in transborder zones

The Toolkit is related to the application of Participatory and Negotiated Territorial Development (PNTD) in the context of the Socio-Economic Development Program for the Transborder Onchocerciasis-Freed Zone of Ghana and Burkina Faso (OFZ Project - GCP/RAF/376/BEL).

The PNTD, presented in Part 1 is based on a systemic vision of the territory with the inbuilt territorial diagnostic being a tool to open dialogue among public and private actors. It has the objective to support a negotiation process for territorial development (towards a Social Territorial Agreement) and to guarantee the implementation and enforcement of the agreement and the possibility of its renegotiation.

The rationale of the OFZ project is that Onchocerciasis eradication in some areas along the Burkina Faso and Ghana border has created new land-use opportunities of areas previously under-utilised due to the prevalence of the disease. The project objective is to support and strengthen the local institutional capacity and sustainability of these land-use opportunities. The project is an ECOWAS pilot project, designed to generate lessons for future project expansion. The pilot phase is to be completed in 2006. The project area has been defined as fifteen communities in Ghana and fifteen in Burkina Faso.

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