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SDW, Gender and Population Division

Mainstreaming gender and population & providing policy advice and technical assistance

The Gender and Population Division has a dual mandate. On the one hand, it supports mainstreaming of gender and population issues into the work of FAO, in collaboration with other technical divisions. On the other hand, it provides direct policy advice, technical assistance and training to FAO member countries in mainstreaming these issues into national agricultural and rural development policies, programmes and projects. For this purpose, it has developed a series of methodologies, guidelines, analytical tools, technical papers and training material.

The Gender and Population Division also acts as a focal point for interagency collaboration and initiatives related to gender and population, and reports regularly to various UN bodies on FAO's follow-up to the Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing, 1995) and the International Conference on Population and Development (Cairo, 1994).

The Gender and Population Division comprises two services:

  • Gender and Development Service
  • Population and Development Service

The Gender and Development Service works to eliminate legal constraints to women's access to resources, helps re-orient extension systems to address the needs of both rural women and men, sponsors gender analysis training and analyses, and disseminates data disaggregated by sex. It aims at stimulating growth with equity, while reducing rural poverty and achieving food security, through provision of adequate and equitable access to productive resources and essential supporting services to both rural women and men.

The Gender and Development Service works in several key areas: gender analysis training and national capacity building; policy advice, programme and project planning; socio-economic and household resources management; food and technology; environment and natural resources management; and data collection, information and gender-disaggregated statistics. It is also the unit responsible for coordinating implementation of FAO's Plan of Action for Women in Development (1996-2001).

The Population and Development Service provides information and advice to FAO Member Nations and Governing Bodies on population issues in as much as those issues relate to food security and rural development. It encourages the integration and mainstreaming of population considerations into all relevant technical areas of FAO's work.

The Population and Development Service also synthesizes the experience of FAO and other institutions in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries relevant to population-related activities and brings it to the attention of policy-makers, programme designers and other users concerned with population, food security and rural development issues.

Marcela Villarreal
Director, Gender and Population Division (SDW)
Telephone: +39 06 570 55102
Fax: +39 06 570 52004

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