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Year Name Activity Location
2009 Gallagher Establishment of an excellent FAO country programme Sierra Leone
2009 Damiani Support to the rehabilitation of the agriculture sector through immediate responses to crises and longer-term recovery objectives West Bank and Gaza Strip (Jerusalem)
2008 Escobedo FAO emergency and rehabilitation work, pioneering response, preparedness and transition to development Haiti
2007 Imai Rural development approach to food security, poverty reduction and livelihoods improvement Bangladesh, Indonesia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Sri Lanka
2006 Dugdill Introduction of a complete farm-to-consumer dairy food chain system Mongolia
2005 Evans Development of community-based natural resource management on the Tonle Sap Great Lake Cambodia
2004 Bammann Project design to promote farming as a business among small farmers Pacific Islands
2003 Everts Establishing the Ecotoxicological Centre for the Sahel Senegal
2002 Tunwar Rebuilding of the national seed production system Afghanistan
2001 Lourie Sustainable agrarian reform communities Philippines
2000 Koyo Restoration and management of environment Burundi
1999 Zaid Date production and support programme Namibia
1998 Seminario Integrated watersheds management and environmental policy and planning Burundi
1997 Clark Fisheries policy and planning Namibia
1996 Tang South Pacific forestry development programme Fiji
1995 Samanez Mercado Amazon Cooperation Treaty Ecuador and Peru
1994 Etoh Fisheries development Eritrea
1993 Villareal Integrated population and rural development China
1992 Choi Integrated watershed management Myanmar
1991 Kenmore Integrated pest management Asia (regional)
1990 Gbeblewoo Agricultural statistics Zaire
1989 Funes Development support communication Mexico
1988 Stennett Watershed management Nepal
1987 Carucci Integrated rural development Niger
1986 Scheffers Development of small scale fisheries Rwanda
1985 Danso Rural sociology applied to settlement in forest areas Thailand
1984 Scherer Strengthening of the organizational structures and management capabilities of an institution Nepal
1983 Calvelo Rios Educational, TV/audio visual training for rural development Peru
1982 Lim Poh Loh Rubber research and development Thailand
1981 Brammer Surveying of soil, land capability and land use: high-yielding varieties Bangladesh
1980 Muñoz Alaba Management, production and development of forest and forest industries Honduras
1979 Berg Organization of specialized plant protection Latin America
1978 Perten/Abert Development of millet and sorghum products for industrial application Sudan
1977 Ritchie Nutrition, population and rural family programmes Africa
1976 Eren Land use practices and forestry development Thailand
1975 Carvalho Santiago Wheat crop production Brazil
1974 Sargent Forest resources Malaysia
1973 Hafiz Wheat and barley improvement Pakistan
1972 Aimé
Rural youth
Information and rural development
1971 Barraclough Agrarian reform Latin America
1970 Lusyne Deep sea fishing Korea
1969 Scott Sheep breeding and wool grading India
1968 Pan Wheat and rice production Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia, Korea

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