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Press Release 97/18


ROME, 16 May -- The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Georgia have agreed upon a series of projects to boost the recovery of agriculture and food security in that country. A “Memorandum on Cooperation” was signed on Thursday evening between the President of Georgia, Mr. Eduard Shevardnadze, and FAO Director-General Dr. Jacques Diouf during the President’s visit to FAO.

FAO and Georgia agreed to cooperate in launching the Special Programme for Food Security in Georgia with FAO funding for water control. The FAO programme in support of Low-Income Food-Deficit Countries aims at increasing food production and availability as well as generating income and employment to stem hunger and malnutrition.

Moreover, FAO will finance a $300,000 technical project to strengthen the capability of the Georgian Ministry of Agriculture and other institutions in agricultural policy review, agricultural trade, prices and subsidies, farm restructuring and privatisation.

FAO also will assist Georgia in combating the Grasshopper plague. This Emergency Assistance Project and a control plan for the next agricultural season will cost $190,000.

In addition, FAO and Georgia will cooperate in the preparation of a national seed industry programme, involving an FAO contribution of $116,500.

President Shevardnadze was accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Irakli Menagarishvili, the Minister of Food and Agriculture, Mr. Bakur Gulua, and the Minister of Commerce and International Economic Relations, Mr. Konstantine Zaldastanishvili.

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