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Press Release 99/27


Rome, 5 May -- Recognizing a growing international interest in starting, or bringing back school milk programmes, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the UK Dairy Industry Federation will jointly hold a School Milk Conference for Europe at Beaumont, Windsor UK today, 5 May. The Conference will focus on current examples of best practice in the administration of school milk programmes.

FAO and the UK Dairy Industry Federation are offering an international forum for countries to exchange information on the development of national and regional programmes to encourage milk drinking by the young. School children need the calcium, protein and other nutrients in milk for good growth and development. The UK Conference is one in a series of meetings, that grew out of the FAO-organized Conference on School Milk held in South Africa in October 1998.

Key issues to be considered at the meeting include: the role of milk in child nutrition, innovative systems for the distribution of school milk, effective ways of administering subsidies to school milk programmes and the promotion of milk and milk products in schools.

According to FAO's Mike Griffin, "School milk initiatives encourage milk drinking through attractive packaging and presentation and help establish the habit of drinking milk throughout life."

Delegates from 21 countries are registered to attend the conference, which will be opened by Lord Donoughue, UK Minister for Farming and the Food Industry. Later in May, a conference is planned in Sydney, Australia and another is scheduled for Thailand in December.


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For further information please see: School milk meeting for Europe on the FAO Web site at http://www/ or, contact:

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In the UK: Jim Begg, Director General Dairy Industry Federation, at: (44) 0 171 486-7244

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