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Press Release 01/33


Rome, 22 May - The Netherlands and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have signed an agreement on a new multi-million dollar long-term cooperation. The Netherlands will contribute US$9 million up to the end of 2002 and intends to develop this into a long-term cooperation, FAO said in a statement issued today.

"I believe that with this agreement the Netherlands and FAO enter into a new phase in our cooperation. This places the FAO/Netherlands cooperation at the fore of innovation in Dutch multilateral development policy, providing a model to be used with other agencies," said Jan Berteling, Dutch Ambassador to FAO.

"The new partnership will provide FAO with much needed additional funding for important inter-regional or global activities related to food and agriculture," said Henri Carsalade, FAO Assistant Director-General, who heads the Technical Cooperation Department. "For the first time in more than 30 years of cooperation between FAO and the Netherlands, the programme offers both partners the chance for true strategic cooperation."

Under the agreement signed today, the new partnership between the Netherlands Ministry for Development Cooperation and FAO mainly focuses on food security, agro-biodiversity and forests. The main emphasis is on poverty alleviation, sustainable development, cooperation with other international organizations, gender issues, and capacity building.

In particular, the Dutch government will support FAO's work on food security, including the trade dimension, the measurement of hunger and malnutrition, the promotion of forest conservation and sustainable management, forestry and climate change, food safety, and the conservation and management of plant and animal genetic diversity.

Besides this voluntary contribution, the Netherlands pays about US$10 million to FAO's biannual regular budget and provides US$30 million every year to finance FAO projects at country and regional level.


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