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20 August 2012
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Democratic People's Republic of Korea: Prolonged dry spell and recent floods affect 2012 cropping season
 Heavy monsoon rains during mid-July, coupled with the tropical cyclone Khanun, caused severe flooding and localized crop damage in North and South Pyongan, South Hwanghae and North and South Hamgyong provinces

 A prolonged dry spell in May and June seriously affected the maturing early season crops (winter/spring barley/wheat, potatoes) and planting of the main season maize crop

 Preliminary estimates by the National Coordinating Committee indicate that 287 896 hectares of cropped land have been affected by the dry spell and 65 282 hectares by flooding

 The dry spell and the floods this year may worsen food security situation for the most vulnerable population. The Government recently launched a request for food aid, in order to respond timely to food shortages

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