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2 June 2014
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Somalia: The prospect of reduced cereal production in the current "gu" season and the impact of increased conflict raise serious food security concerns in southern/central areas
 A poor start to the main 2014 "gu" season rains raises serious concerns in exacerbating the already dire food security situation.

 The output of the secondary 2013/14 "deyr" cereal crops, harvested in January, was well below average levels in central/southern areas following late and erratic rains as well as floods in some riverine areas.

 Recent escalation of conflict in southern parts of the country resulted in large population displacements and heavily constrained the movement of goods and services in some areas.

 Prices of cereals are rising in most markets due to a combination of declining stocks from the last poor "deyr" harvest, uncertainties about harvest prospects for the current "gu" season and trade disruptions due to insecurity in some areas.

 The food security situation is deteriorating as the lean season progresses and the aftermath of the recent conflict in some areas continues to disrupt market access.

 Adequate and timely response and a close monitoring of the food security situation is warranted. The 2014 UN Appeal "Strategic Response Plan for Somalia", amounting to USD 933 million and launched in late 2013, has received only 17 percent.

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