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GIEWS Tools & Methods

  • WinDisp: a public domain, easy to use software package for the display and analysis of satellite images, maps and associated databases, with an emphasis on early warning for food security. WinDisp was originally developed for GIEWS.     Click here for details.

  • Publications search tool: search GIEWS publications by title, year published, country and language.     Click here for details.

  • GIEWS Methods

    Crop and Food Security Assessment Missions (CFSAMs) related:

  • 2009 CFSAMs Methodology (pdf)
  • Overview of Methodology on CFSAMs (PowerPoint file)
  • A Pictorial Evaluation Tool for Crop Harvest Assessment - PET
    (PDF file)
  • Cassava Assessing Handbook for Improved Integration of Cassava in CFSAMs
  • CFSAMs Timeline
  • Guidelines for the Participation of Observers in CFSAMs
  • Improving the Methodology for CFSAMs-Estimating Commercial Imports