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2. Narrative

The vessels itinerary was as follows:

Departure Port of Spain 6 May.
Embarking participants off Suriname 8 May.
Completed work off northern Orinoco 21 May.
Call Port of Spain 22 May.
Five days were spent working off Suriname. The vessel steamed about 1 000 nm and 40 trawl stations were made. The work off Guyana also included 5 days with abt 700 nm steaming and some 40 trawl stations and off the Venezuelan Orinoco delta 3 days with about 400 nm steaming and 28 trawl stations.

Figure 1 shows the course tracks and the fishing - and hydrographical stations worked in the area. Attempts were made to distribute the fishing stations so as to cover also the mid shelf. Some stations were worked at night for red spotted and pink shrimp.

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