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3. Hydrography

Figure 2 shows the distribution of temperature, salinity and oxygen in the hydrographical profiles. For that off the Maroni River the isolines for the three types of observations rise over the shelf edge and lifts further shorewards demonstrating upwelling and transport shorewards of intermediate water. There is a considerable similarity with the situation in the end of January with a maximum of low salinity surface water originating from river discharges over the outer part of the shelf. The process of uppwelling is less convincingly demonstrated in the profile off Guyana, but is again evident in that off the Orinoco. The low salinity surface water offshore is present although less pronounced in these two last profiles. There is an absence of low salinity water inshore off the Orinoco. The weather is reported as having been unusual this season with less than normal rain and little river discharges.

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