LEAD Livestock, Environment and Development initiative The Electronic Dissemination of Policy Information; Experiences from the Livestock-Environment Toolbox

John Morton, Social Sciences Department,
Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich[1]

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[1] Views expressed here are the responsibility of the author alone, not that of FAO, the EU or any of the organisations involved in building the Toolbox. However, these reflections would have been impossible without the shared experience of working on the Toolbox, and I acknowledge the support of: all my fellow-workers, especially Ken Campbell, Maggie Gill, Nick Hodgson and Mantee Vasanthakumaran; my partners on the Brazilian case-study Moira Adams, Réné Poccard-Chapuis and Jonas Bastos da Vega; and donor representatives, especially Cees de Haan and Henning Steinfeld. Ken Campbell also gave very useful comments on the current paper

Table of Contents



Toolbox structure and the policy modules

Design issues

Does the Toolbox work and why?

Policy issues