Livestock, Environment and Equity - A review of Emerging Issues

DFID Rural
Livelihoods and

Sarah Holden
Jon Tanner
Kathy Butcher

July 1999

Table of Contents

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Department for

The Department for International Development funded this literature review. However, the findings, interpretations and conclusions expressed in this paper are entirely those of the authors and should not be attributed to the Department for International Development, which does not guarantee their accuracy and can accept no responsibility for any consequence of their use.

Table of Contents

Section One: Background

Section Two. Who are the poor and what is the scale of their impact on the environment?

2.1 Livestock systems of the poor
2.2 Relative significance of these systems to the environmental hotspots

Section 3. Effect of driving forces on the livestock systems of the poor and subsequent implications for the environment

3.1 Potential impact of driving forces on the livestock production systems of the poor
3.2 Potential areas of environmental concern associated with the dynamics of the livestock systems of the poor
3.3 Can the poor compete with wealthier producers in the new era of livestock production?
3.4 Policy recommendations to protect the livelihoods of the poor

Section 4. Conclusions