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VI. Profile of Survey Sample

This chapter discusses the descriptive results of the household survey for broiler, swine, layer, and milk production in Brazil, India, Philippines, and Thailand. Comparisons are either across commodities within countries, or across countries by commodity, depending on the variables in question. The first section gives an overview of the farm and household characteristics of the sample by farm size, across countries and within livestock commodities. The second part is a brief description of the production performance of each livestock commodity as reported by the sampled households. The succeeding section is a comparison of the output and the input prices in livestock production received by small-scale and large-scale households across countries. The next section is an assessment of the profits per unit of output by farm size across countries, within each livestock commodity. The last section gives a brief discussion of the differences between smallholders and large-scale producers with respect to their access to markets and services.

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