The organic livestock trade from developing countries:
Poverty, policy and market issues

By PJC Harris, AW Browne, HR Barrett and F Gandiya; Coventry University/DFID


General view of Jahuaya area. Woman is giving fodder to her cattle.©R. Jones - FAO This study investigates the regulatory framework for organic livestock products in the EU, the international livestock trade, markets for organic livestock products, and compiled case studies of actual and potential organic projects. The recent increase in demand for organic produce both in UK and global markets has involved the sourcing of organic produce from developing countries. There is some concern that some policy and regulatory issues and certification schemes, geared primarily to organic production in developed countries, have not been designed to encourage the inclusion of the poor, leading to a scenario where many small-scale farmers or producer groups in developing countries may be excluded from an activity which, a previous study for RLD concluded, holds potential for the poor to improve their livelihood status.

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