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How to use this book

The guide is intended for use by the following people:

· development workers who wish to purchase of equipment in order to set up or expand a food processing unit;

· advisers, government officials or development agency staff who wish to know the kind of equipment needed to process particular types of food;

· those who wish to know the range of small-scale food processing equipment currently available.

The guide can be used in the following ways:

· to find out what equipment is needed to process a particular food, and the approximate cost;
· to find the name and address of a manufacturer for each piece of equipment required;
· to learn more about the potential uses of various equipment.

The guide is arranged in two parts:

Part One

Food processes (chapters detailing the production stages and equipment needed to process specific types of food).

Part Two

Directory (details of individual items of equipment and suppliers).

In Part One the food processes are arranged in chapters covering different food groups or types of product (e.g. dairy products, beverages). Each chapter has a description of the preservation principles for the commodities, some observations on suitability for small-scale processing and a description of the process and the equipment required. Reference numbers link each item of equipment to the entries in the directory.

In Part Two, the directory is arranged in 68 sections, in each of which the main features of equipment are described and the range of equipment available is listed. The sections are sub-divided where appropriate into manual and powered equipment. In most sections a photograph or line drawing is used to illustrate an example of the type of equipment described.

It is important to recognize that illustrated examples have been selected as representative of the equipment being described and this does not imply superiority in any way over similar equipment from other manufacturers.

The names and addresses of manufacturers are listed below each group of equipment, and are also indexed by country at the back of the book.

If you wish to know the type of equipment needed to produce a particular food:

· look up the food on the contents page or index

· turn to that page in Part One and see the list of equipment in the right-hand column of the relevant table.

Equipment required

Processing stage


Section reference

Prepare raw material

Fruit and vegetable cleaners


Peeling machinery




If you want to know where to buy the equipment and its approximate cost.

· make a note of the section numbers from the table

· look up each section in turn in the Directory to find the names and addresses of suppliers and the price code for the equipment.

51.1 Peeling equipment

Manual peeling machines


Fruit is positioned on a central pivot. As the handle is turned the fruit is revolved over a stationary knife and the peel is removed


Av Grau No 1191

NOTE: In many cases a range of equipment will be shown and it is necessary for you to select the most appropriate type and size for your needs.

The price codes used throughout this guide are as follows:

Price code

Cost ($US)









If you want to know which manufacturers supply equipment in a particular country:

· look up the manufacturers' index and find the country (in alphabetical order)
· look up the manufacturers' name and address (also in alphabetical order).

When you have found the equipment you need, we suggest that you write directly to the manufacturer for an up-to-date specification, current FOB price of delivery to your country, delivery times and cost of spare parts. Remember, it will help the manufacturer to reply quickly if you include the full name of the equipment and model number where available. The more information that you can give about your needs, product throughput, voltage and so on, the better the manufacturer can provide you with the right tools for the job.

We have made every attempt to ensure that the information in this guide is accurate but inevitably changes will have taken place since compilation. We ask you to contact us with any corrected information you are given so that we may update our records for future editions.

Please write to:

The Manager, Small-Scale Food Processing Publication, ITDG, Myson House, Railway Terrace, Rugby CV21 3HT, UK.

It must be stressed that this guide relies on information supplied by manufacturers and that inclusion of an item of equipment is not a recommendation by ITDG, or a guarantee of its suitability or performance.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of data in this guide, the publishers and compilers cannot accept responsibility for any errors which may have occurred.

Please note that equipment availability and specifications are subject to change without notice and these should be confirmed with suppliers when making enquiries or placing orders.

Improvements to this book

Small-Scale Food Processing is only as good as the information provided by manufacturers. You can help us to improve the quality of this guide by doing any of the following:

1. Please fill in the short questionnaire at the back of this book and send it to us. This is most important as it will tell us what you want from the guide.

2. If you use the book to contact a manufacturer, please tell them that you found the address in Small-Scale Food Processing. They will then be more likely to supply us with information next time round.

3. Please send us details of any manufacturers of appropriate equipment that do not appear in this edition (name, address and, if possible, equipment brochures).

4. Please write with any suggestions, criticisms or comments you have on the book.

5. Please tell us of any errors you find in this book.

6. Please tell us of any sources of information that we should be using to increase our coverage of manufacture.

It is only through your help that this unique information resource can be improved to provide you, the user, with what you require.

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